4 Tert Butylbenzoic acid C11H14O2

A Detailed Summary About Para Tert Butyl Benzoic Acid

Posted on: May 4, 2022

The para tert butyl benzoic acid is an alkylbenzene acidic compound that can be used as a substitute for benzoic acid and used for alkyd resins. Generally, it is built in a 2D structure, however, when in a 3d conformer; it is possible to view the para tert butyl benzoic acid with all the hydrogen in a ball & stick format. The compound of para tert butyl benzoic acid is basically a monocarboxylic acid available in the form of a white crystalline powder(colorless at times) that carries an aromatic odor. Para tert butyl benzoic acid can also be called PTBBA, para-tertiary butyl benzoic acid, and butyl benzoic acid.


  • The chemical name of this compound para tert butyl benzoic acid is 4-tert-Butylbenzoic acid
  • Its chemical formula of para tert butyl benzoic acid is C11H1402
  • The molecular weight of the compound is 178.231 g/mol.
  • The registered CAS number of this compound is 98-73-7
  • The EC number is 202-696-3

The chemical compound with CAS number 98-73-7 finds its melting point from 168.5 to 169.0 degrees Celsius (335.3 to 336.2 °F; 441.6 to 442.1 K). The flashpoint of this compound lies at 180 degrees celsius. With pH 3.9, the compound of 4 tert butyl benzoic acid is absolutely insoluble in water but very soluble in alcohol and benzene. The 98-73-7 CAS compound can absorb UV Spectra with a maximum limit of 237.5 NM.

The combination of para-tertiary butyl benzoic acid is manufactured by oxidizing the combination of para tert butyltoluene with air.

Like any other chemical compound, the combination of para tert butyl benzoic acid is equally dangerous and comes with several hazardous signs that need to be taken care of while dealing. With signal word danger, the pictograms & Hazard codes by GHS state the consequences of not handling with care. The H statements by GHS for 4 tert butyl benzoic acid are H302- H360F – H372- H412, which says the chemical compound is harmful if swallowed, exposure to the compound can damage fertility & is also suspected of damaging the unborn child. The compound can also cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure. If disposed of in water bodies, the compound can prove harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.

It is significant to take all the precautionary measures while dealing with a compound with Danger Signs and severe hazard statements. The precautionary measures ensure utmost safety from the damages adhering to the statements by GHS codes. Precautionary Statements by GHS concerning the compound of para tert butyl benzoic acid with CAS number 98-73-7 are P202, P260, P264, P273, P301+P312, P308+P313. It is essential to implement all the precautionary measures while dealing as it minimizes the risk factor.

The precautionary statements ask to not handle until all safety precautions have been read & understood thoroughly. It further says that Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray and wash thoroughly after handling. It advises avoiding the release of the chemical into the environment. If swallowed, call a poison center or doctor/physician if you feel unwell. If exposed or concerned, get proper medical advice or attention.

The chemical compound is used as a stabilizer for alkyd resins. Due to its antioxidant properties and characteristic of a UV Stabilizer; the compound is extensively used for sunscreens, shampoos, and various other cosmetic products. A derivative of 4-tert butyl benzoic acid (PTBBA) is used to manufacture Avobenzone, a popular UV A blocker used in majority of cosmetic products globally. With ample other uses, the metal salts of 4 tert butyl benzoic acid can be used as PVC heat stabilizers, antifreeze & corrosion inhibitors in cooling fluids. It is also used in lubricants, abrasives, paints & coating industries along with wide acceptance as a fixative for fragrances, dyestuff & pharmaceuticals.

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