4 Tert butylphenol C10H14O

An Ultimate Guide To Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol

Posted on: May 4, 2022

Para Tertiary Butylphenol also known as 4-tert-Butylphenol, Butylphen, p-tert Butylphenol, 98-54-4 is a chemical with the molecular formula C10H140. Its molecular weight is 150.21756 g/mol. You can buy it in the form of molten PTBP, crystals or white flakes. This chemical has a disinfectant-like odor and is insoluble in water.

High purity para tertiary butyl phenol can be made from an olefin composition containing a major amount of one isobutylene and a minor amount of n butene and isobutylene codimers. A reaction of the olefin composition with phenol in the presence of water and synthetic-alumina catalyst is carried out at a temperature between 140-230 degrees.

This chemical belongs to the family of phenols and lies at the 4th position. It is an organic compound that has a strong aroma. It is most commonly used as a substitute for phenols in the polymer indusrty.


Phenolic resin applications account for nearly 60-70% of all PTBT used worldwide. These resins are used in many applications like rubber-based adhesives, paints, coating resins, and printing inks. Other uses of PTBP include manufacturing industrial varnishes and chain termination of polycarbonates. The glycidyl ether of this chemical is used as a hardener in epoxy resins. Another major use of 4 tert butyl-phenol is for making perfume chemicals and aromatic compounds. The acetate of 4-tertiary butyl phenol derived from the hydrogenation process is used in soaps and detergents.

This chemical is also used for producing leather chemicals and as an additive in the rubber industry. In addition, it is used as an intermediate for manufacturing insecticides, UV stabilizers, and oil additives.

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Besides PTBP chemical, we also manufacture other types of Butyl Phenols like ortho tertiary Butyl Phenol, 2-4-DI tertiary butyl phenol and 2.6-DI tertiary Butyl Phenol.