2 4 Di tert butylphenol C14H22O

How Does The Isolation of 2 4-Di-tert-butylphenol and Butyrospermum 3 Take Place?

Posted on: May 4, 2022

Extraction And Isolation

In a study done, it was found that the isolation of 2 4, Di tert butylphenol and Butyrospermol is possible by using the stem bark of S.aquem. During the study, the powdered form of the stem bark of S.aqueuem was squashed by using 40 L of methanol at room temperature for a period of 3 days. The methanol extract was partitioned with n-hexane fraction separated by using a silica gel in gravity column chromatographic method with n-hexane. Ethyl acetate was used as an eluent. These similar fractions were then combined to obtain 19 fractions.

Result And Discussion

Compound 1(2mg) was collected as a yellow oil. Three protons showed in the aromatic protons region. The remaining 18 protons were identified as six methyls. After some time, COZY and HMBC correlations were joined together for confirmation of the structure. The NMR spectra were compared to previous literature. From this data compound, 1 was determined as 2 4-dtbp and the molecular formula was C14h220.

Compound 2 was obtained as a pale yellow oil. The proton signal at DH: 453ppm(C-3) belonged to the proton that was attached to the carbon that binds the ester group. The proton signal of 5.25(1H,m) and 5.12(1H,t, J=7.1 Hz) is linked to sp2 hybridized carbon. COZY and HMBC correlations were joined together for confirmation of the structure. NMR spectra were compared to previous literature data. From this data, compound 2 was identified as Butyrospermum. 3 palmitate and the molecular formula was C46H8002.


In this particular study, 96-76-4 butyl phenol and Butyspermol 3 palmitate were isolated from the stem bark of S.aquem. These phytochemical constituents are the first to be reported from the stem bark of this particular species.

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