How Is Hexene Used In The Extraction Of Oil From Seeds?

Posted on: September 30, 2022

Extraction is a process by which oils are harvested from organic products such as seeds, nuts, olives, fruits and vegetables but why is hexene preferred over other chemicals? And how does it work?

Hexene-based processes have been in use for many years as with this method, it is possible to achieve oil yields and solvent recovery in excess of 95%as compared to 60-70% oil yield by mechanical pressing methods. Besides removing ½% of residual oil, the solvent extraction method uses less hp, requires very little maintenance, is efficient and reliable. This is why it is the preferred method of separating a large amount of oil from protein meal.

How Is Oil Extracted With Hexene?

Hexene is a clear and odourless chemical solvent that you can get from hexene manufacturers in India. This chemical has a high evaporation rate and low boiling point.  Moreover, it releases no toxic fumes. That is why, it is ideal for extraction purposes.

Now that you know why hexene is preferred for extracting oil, you may wonder how the entire process takes place. Actually, it is not pure n-hexene but a combination of isomers with similar properties that are used for this purpose. The process of extraction begins by getting rid of the impurities from oil producing fruits and oilseeds like rapeseed and soybean.  Next the seeds are cracked to reduce their size and then flattened to increase the surface area.  Later, the seeds are covered and left in hexene to extract the oil. Once the oil has been extracted, the mixture is evaporated by using steam. Companies use the direct or indirect method to boil away the hexene from the mixture.

After all the hexene has evaporated, the mixture is condensed to recover the solvent. The end result is oilseeds that are deprived of oil and recycled hexene that can be used again to extract oils.

Where Can You Buy Hexene?

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