What Is The Role Of 4-tert-butylbenzoic Acid?

Posted on: January 17, 2023

Para tert butyl benzoic acid also called PTBBA, is an aromatic carboxylic acid that could also be used as a substitute for benzoic acid. It is generally built in a 2D structure but when in a 3D conformer, it can be viewed with all the hydrogen in a ball-and-stick format. The compound of para tert butyl benzoic acid is available in a white crystalline powder that has an aromatic odour.

This chemical compound with CAS number 98-73-7 has a melting point between 168 degrees Celsius. Its flashpoint is 180 degrees Celsius. With a pH level of 3.9, PTBBA is insoluble in water but highly soluble in alcohol and benzene.

Role Of 4-Tert Butylbenzoic Acid

4-tert butyl benzoic acid is used as a stabilizer for alkyd resins. Due to its reactive nature , it is also extensively used in the manufacturing of sunscreens, shampoos and other cosmetic products. A derivative of this compound is used to manufacture Avobenzone which is a UVA blocker and thus is used in cosmetic products globally.

The metal salts of 4 tert butyl benzoic acid are used as PVC heat stabilizers’, antifreeze and corrosion inhibitors in cooling fluids. They are also used in lubricants, abrasives, paints and coating industries. Since Para tert butyl benzoic acid is a complex compound, it needs to be carefully handled.

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