ATBS Monomer And ATBS Sodium Salt For Polymer With A High Molecular Weight

Posted on: February 13, 2023

Our ATBS monomer and ATBS sodium salt allow polymer producers to manufacture superior and high-quality polymers for use in wide variety of consumer and industrial products. We supply monomers in granular as well as liquid form with a high-level of purity for optimum performance.

We manufacture ATBS monomers and ATBS sodium salts for polymers of different molecular weights.

ATBS Monomer Granules

It is a sulfonic acid acrylic monomer in granular form. The granular product reduces dust emissions thus providing a cleaner working environment, better working safety and reduced plant maintenance. Moreover, it does not agglomerate which makes is easy to transport from one location to location. Lastly, as the granulation is a post-reaction step, the chemistry of 2-acrylamido-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid remains unaffected.

ATBS Sodium Salt Liquid

It is a sulfonic acid acrylic monomer in aqueous solution which is obtained by treating ATBS monomer with 50% sodium salt.

Applications Of ATBS Monomer And ATBS Salt

Both ATBS Monomer and ATBS Sodium Salt are used in water treatment, acrylic fibre, oilfield, latex, adhesives, emulsion coatings, personal care products, medicines and construction applications.

ATBS Monomer and ATBS Sodium Salt for high molecular weight polymer are especially useful in the following applications.

Oil Field Applications: Due to their exceptional thermal and hydrolytic stability, both acrylamide tertiary butyl sulfonic acid granules liquid is used in oilfield applications where hostile environments demand high–performance products. Their unique hydrophilic nature, tendency to increase viscosity and divalent cation stability make them an ideal solution for many oil field applications. In drilling operations, they are used as scale inhibitors, friction reducers, non-retarding fluid loss and water control agents.

Personal Care And Medical Applications: The lubricity and anti-coagulant characteristics of ATBS granules and liquid are useful for hydrogel applications, especially in coatings for medical devices that come in contact with tissue, blood or other biofuels. Polymers containing chemical 15214-89-8 granules and liquid are ideal for medical hydrogels due to its high water absorbing capacity and electrical conductivity.

In personal care products, they are mostly used as thickeners in fixatives, humectants to improve the oxidative stability of consumer products.

About Vinati Organics

Vinati Organics is one of the leading manufacturers of IBB and ATBS monomer in the world. We blend innovation with chemistry to deliver value-added products to our varied clientele. Ever since our inception in 1989, we have evolved from being a single-product manufacturer to an integrated business offering a wide variety of products like AMPS monomer to companies in US, Europe and Asia.

Over the years, we have managed to build a strong foothold in more than 35 countries in the world due to our excellent research capabilities and ability to develop new and green chemicals with high standards of purity. All our investments in R and D are specifically aimed at modifying the utilization of catalysts, equipment, processes and operating parameters. Moreover, to make a sustainable difference, we invest in technologies that minimize the impact of global warming. Our two state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra are integrated with a B2B business model and equipped with the latest technologies that adhere to green practices that minimize harm on the environment.