Optimizing Industrial Productivity: An Overview of Common Solvents and Their Applications

Posted on: May 18, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of industrial manufacturing, efficiency stands as a cornerstone for success. From chemical plants to assembly lines, every stage of production requires meticulous optimization to achieve peak productivity and profitability.  This is where industrial solvents like aromatic 150 play a crucial role. Their versatility and ability to fulfil different functions within industrial settings make them indispensable in industrial processes.


Industrial solvents are chemical compounds used to either dissolve, suspend or extract other chemical substances. They are either liquid or gases and soluble in substances like oils, waxes and pigments. This makes them suitable for manufacturing processes in diverse industries right from paints and pharmaceuticals to coatings.


It is important to know about the different types of solvents and their applications as it can improve your decision-making when choosing the best solvent for your specific application

  • AROMATIC 150 SOLVENT: It is a colourless clear chemical compound that has a mild aromatic odour. It belongs to the petroleum hydrocarbon family and consists mainly of C10 aromatic hydrocarbons though it may also contain C-9 and C-11 hydrocarbons. Aromatic 150 is most used in the paints and coatings industry since it has a high flash point and evaporation rate which provides better flow and film formation characteristics to these substances.
  • ISO-BUTYL BENZENE: Isobutyl benzene is a colourless chemical compound. It has a fruity cherry sweet odour with a balsamic tone. This makes it an ideal raw material for perfumes and fragrances. Another common use of this compound is in the manufacture of butyl rubber, a Synthethic rubber widely used in applications that require air tightness and chemical resistance. Iso-butyl benzene also finds use in the pharmaceutical industry where it is used to produce ibuprofen.
  • N-BUTYL BENZENE: N-butylbenzene also known as 1 phenyl butane butylbenzene is a organic compound with the chemical compound C10H14. It belongs to the same chemical family as Aromatic 150 however, it is odourless except at high concentrations. The major uses of N-Butyl Benzene are in the paints and coatings industry as it is highly soluble in a wide range of additives and compatible with different paint formulations.
  • SECONDARY BUTYL BENZENE: Secondary Butyl Benzene is a flammable liquid with a distinct aromatic odour. It is used to make SSB and butyl quinoline, which have many applications in the fragrance industry. It is also used as a solvent in coating compositions, surface active agents, plasticizers and organic synthesis.
  • TERTIARY AMYL BENZENE:  Tertiary Amyl Benzene is an organic compound used as a intermediate during the production of hydrogen peroxide. Other uses of this compound are for the synthesis of amorolfine and to prevent overheating, fire and explosion.
  • 3-PHENYLPENTANE: 3-Phenylpentante also known as Iso nonane is an organic compound belonging to the alkylbenzene family. It is used as a high-octane component in fuels as it is highly combustible. Other uses of this compound include for extracting chemicals, preparing lubricants or fragrances, waste management, and replacing hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline.
  • 4-BUTYLANILINE: 4-butylaniline, also known as p-butylaniline, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C10H15N. This compound has several applications in industries. Some of the most common uses are as a dye intermediate, chemical additive, organic synthesizer, and corrosion inhibitor.

Industrial solvents are compounds used to dissolve materials during chemical and industrial processes. There are many different types of solvents each with their own unique benefits and applications. The best type of solvent for your application will depend on the characteristics of the material to be dissolved and the requirements of the process. When utilizing chemical solvents, it is important to follow all safety precautions and act carefully.

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