VEENOX® L135 (Lubricant Additive) 

Non-Staining Liquid Phenolic Antioxidant for Lubricants


Vinati Organics Limited manufactures a versatile liquid phenolic antioxidant, VEENOX® L135, colloquially named L135. This is a high molecular weight non-staining liquid antioxidant that is highly effective for providing stabilization for lubricant oils as well as certain kinds of plastics. The branched chain and high molecular weight of the molecule makes it an antioxidant of choice for lubricants that are used for engine oils, gear oils in automobiles, metal working fluids, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, turbine oils, greases and so on. The product is also used in thermal stabilization of polyurethane flexible slabstock foams, preventing formation of peroxides in polyols.


    General Information and Properties


    CAS no: 125643-61-0
    Chemical name: Benzenepropanoic acid, 3,5-bis(1,1-dimethyl–ethyl)-4-hydroxy-C7-C9 branched alkyl esters
    Molecular formula: C25H42O3

    Parameter Specification
    Appearance Colourless to Pale yellow Liquid
    Specific Gravity 0.95 to 0.99 gm/cc
    Viscosity @ 40 C 95 – 150 cSt
    Flash Point > 150 C
    Molecular Weight g/mol 390

    Benefits of Antioxidant L135 for Lubricants:


    • Promotes Piston Cleanliness
      Whether in gasoline-based or diesel-based engine oils, VEENOX L135 plays a vital role in safeguarding your engine’s performance by protecting against oxidation and deposit formation. Enjoy improved engine efficiency and extended service life with our cutting-edge antioxidant.
    • Low Water Extractability
      VEENOX L135 boasts low water extractability, ensuring optimal stability and preventing water-induced damage in lubricants.
    • Excellent Solubility
      Count on our antioxidant to exhibit outstanding solubility in both mineral oils and non-conventional base stocks. Experience seamless integration with your lubricants for exceptional results.
    • Cold Temperature Stability
      No need to worry about crystallization at low temperatures. Our L135 stays reliable even under challenging conditions, ensuring smooth operation throughout.
    • Low Volatility and Easy Handling
      With its bright liquid form, our antioxidant is easy to handle, boasting low volatility for enhanced safety and convenience.
    • Cost-Effective Alternative
      By choosing our VEENOX L135, you not only benefit from superior performance but also from cost-effectiveness. It replaces solid antioxidants, offering you unmatched value without compromising on quality.


    Applications of Antioxidant L135:


    • Automotive Lubricant Additives
      Our antioxidant L135 is an essential component of automotive lubricant additive packages, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of both passenger car motor oils (PCMO) and heavy-duty diesel oils (HDDO).
    • Industrial Oils
      Trust VEENOX L135 to safeguard the performance of hydraulic oils and other industrial oils as a potent antioxidant, enhancing the reliability and lifespan of critical machinery.
    • Metal Working Fluids
      When used in metal working fluids, our antioxidant acts as a protective barrier, preventing discoloration and preserving the integrity of the fluids.
    • Polyurethanes and Polyols
      Vinati Organics’ L135 serves as an exceptional anti-yellowing agent for polyols and polyurethanes, ensuring the longevity and appearance of these materials.
    • Leather Chemicals
      VEENOX L135 is incorporated into fatliquors to inhibit the creation of chrome (VI) and provide enduring protection against oxidation, thereby mitigating the consequences of aging, such as discoloration.


    Packaging & Shipping Information

    • The product is available in Liquid form
    • Packing: 185kg/Drum, 1MT/IBC, 740kg/Pallet, 14.8 MT/FCL, 20MT/ISO Tank
    • Our product is EU REACH certified.


    About Vinati Organics  

    Vinati Organics, a pioneering chemical manufacturer based in India, has earned a global reputation for excellence and innovation. As one of the leading manufacturers of organic chemical products, Vinati Organics takes immense pride in producing and exporting top-quality and highly effective antioxidants like VEENOX L135. Through extensive research and rigorous testing, Vinati Organics ensures the effectiveness and reliability of all its chemical products. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Vinati Organics contributes significantly to diverse industries worldwide. Vinati Organics’ commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in the superior performance of VEENOX L135. With Vinati Organics as your partner, you can rely on their expertise and high-quality solutions to effectively meet your specific industrial needs.

    Note: For more detailed technical specifications, product data sheets, or any specific queries, please contact our customer support team.

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