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What Are The Uses Of Concrete Admixtures? And Its Applications?

A concrete admixture is a substance that is added to concrete to achieve or improve its properties. They are added to concrete along with water and aggregate either before or during the mixing process. There are different types of concrete admixtures like water-reducing admixtures, superplasticizers, accelerating admixtures, shrinkage admixtures, air entrainment admixtures and set retarding […]

How Is Hexene Used In The Extraction Of Oil From Seeds?


Extraction is a process by which oils are harvested from organic products such as seeds, nuts, olives, fruits and vegetables but why is hexene preferred over other chemicals? And how does it work? Hexene-based processes have been in use for many years as with this method, it is possible to achieve oil yields and solvent recovery in […]

A Complete Summary On Phenylpentane – Vinati Organics

3-Phenyl Pentane

3-phenyl pentane is a valuable chemical to have on hand for your manufacturing projects. To avoid harm, make proper use of the compound. 3-Phenylpentane is a five-carbon chain that contains a phenyl group on the third carbon atom. It is alkyl benzene that is excellent for perfumery. Alkylbenzenes are benzene derivatives in which alkyl groups […]

What Is The Functionalization Of Methyl 4-Tert-Butylbenzoate?

Methyl 4-Tert-Butylbenzoate

Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate (CAS 26537-19-9) is a transparent, colourless liquid solution made by esterifying p-tert butyl benzoic acid, which is then employed as an essential ingredient in personal care products. The linear chemical formula for methyl 4-tert-butyl benzoate is (CH3)3CC6H4CO2CH3, and the chemical has a CAS number 26537-19-9 as its unique numerical identifier. […]

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