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The Benefits of Using Plastic Antioxidant Blends in Your Manufacturing Process

Plastic products, though durable and flexible, are always at a risk of degradation due to environmental factors like oxygen, UV light and high temperature. Plastic additives are an important part of plastic manufacturing as they prevent plastic degradation.   What Are Plastic Antioxidant Blends?   Plastic antioxidants are elements that prevent thermal oxidation in plastics. There are […]

Top Benefits of Using Lubricant Additives in Industrial Machinery

Most lubricants available in the market today contain additives, but what are these additives, and why are they used? Whether you’re a business owner or technician, it is important that you are aware of lubricant additives, as they can optimize the performance of your machines.    What Are Lubricant Additives?   Lubricant additives are chemicals or substances […]

The Role of Purple K Powder in Chemical Plant Safety

Chemical factories place a high priority on safety, and several safeguards are in place to reduce the hazards involved in handling hazardous products. Using Purple K powder, an efficient fire suppressant is one such precaution. We shall examine Purple K powder’s importance as a vital component of chemical plant safety in this article.   What Is […]

Exploring the Role of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in Renewable Energy Solutions

Methyl tertiary butyl ether is an organic chemical pivotal in sustainable energy production. A chemical compound with molecular formula C5H120 and CAS number 1634-04-4, methyl tertiary butyl ether is a colourless, flammable liquid with a distinctive ether-like odor. With a molar mass of 88.15 g/mol, it is soluble in water and is often used as […]

How To Choose the Right Concrete Admixture for Your Project Needs

Concrete is an essential component in the construction industry today that is used to build everything from highways to high-rises. However, to achieve the desired characteristics, such as strength, workability, and durability, concrete requires the addition of admixtures, also known as concrete additives or chemical admixtures. This blog will guide you in selecting the best […]

Understanding the Different Types of Concrete Additives and Their Benefits

A concrete admixture refers to a material other than water, aggregates, hydraulic cement and fibre reinforcement used to modify the properties of concrete during mixing. Accurately predicting the time, it will take for your concrete to set is an exacting science that you may not have time for when working under tight deadlines. Using a […]

Understanding Butylphenol: Properties, Uses and Production

Understanding Butylphenol: Properties, Uses and Production

2-tert butyl phenol also known as ortho tertiary butyl phenol, refers to a colourless organic compound with the formula (CH3)3CC6H4OH. It dissolves in water and can be prepared by acid-catalysed alkylation of phenol with isobutene. Properties Ortho-tert butyl phenol is a chemical compound with a clear colourless and pale-yellow appearance. It is a vicious liquid […]

ATBS Monomer And ATBS Sodium Salt For Polymer With A High Molecular Weight

Our ATBS monomer and ATBS sodium salt allow polymer producers to manufacture superior and high-quality polymers for use in wide variety of consumer and industrial products. We supply monomers in granular as well as liquid form with a high-level of purity for optimum performance. We manufacture ATBS monomers and ATBS sodium salts for polymers of […]

What Are Concrete Additives? Why Do We Use Them?

What Are Concrete Additives? A concrete admixture refers to the components of concrete that are added just before the mixing process to improve the quality, manageability, acceleration or to delay the setting time of concrete. The successful use of admixtures depends on the combination of ingredients and concrete. Most admixtures are available in ready-to-use liquid […]

Definition Of A Concrete Additives And What Is It Used Mostly For?

A concrete admixture refers to materials other than water, aggregates, cementitious materials and fibre reinforcements that are added to a cementitious mixture to modify its properties. It is generally added before or during the mixing process. Admixtures are usually liquids and added in very small quantities to the concrete while it is being mixed. There […]

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