ISOHEXANE, CAS 73513-42-5

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General Information and Properties

Isohexane, a chemical with CAS No. 73513-42-5, is a mixture of isomeric branched chain Hexanes that falls in the solvents class; this is classified under organic intermediates and compounds. Used as a solvent for multiple industries, drilling fluid additives and organic intermediate, the Isohexane manufactured has a purity of >99%. The product has a boiling point range of 61°C – 65°C, with a distillation range of IBP 61° C and FBP 65° C. The liquid is clear, colourless, and odourless with a molecular weight of 86.

Chemical Properties: Isohexane
CAS Number: 73513-42-5
Appearance:  Clear Colourless Liquid, Odourless
Boiling Point: 60°C- 62°C
Density:  0.640 to 0.650
Molar Mass: 86
Solubility:  0.02 g/l
Isohexanes 95% min
n-hexanes  5 % max

    Product Name: Isohexane

    Manufacturing Process

    Isohexanes are mixture of isomeric branched chain hexanes obtained by processing the C6 petroleum fraction with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. The product is derived from aliphatic sources and hence has low aromatic content.


    Isohexane is available in ISO Tankers and 200 litre drums depending on the requirement.

    Industry Applications

    Due to its nature and properties, Isohexane is used as a solvent in numerous industries for multiple applications such as coatings, adhesives, oil and gas production, Lubricant Aerosols, hydraulic fracturing, etc. It is also used as a drilling fluid and a solvent for organic synthesis. Isohexane is used to manufacture glues used for shoes, leather products, roofing, furniture and textile manufacturing.

    The uses also cover its application in construction and building materials, adhesives and adhesive removers, arts and crafts office supplies, home maintenance paint-related products, vehicle body, engine maintenance auto fluids additives and engine maintenance motor oil.

    The chemical also finds its applications in aerospace and pharma industries. Used for its lubricative properties, this petroleum-based chemical product is widely preferred in numerous sectors across industries.


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