Acrylic super plasticizer is a low molecular weight copolymer salt which finds extensive application in the construction industry as concrete additives. This Copolymer is specially designed for high-quality concrete with greater water reduction and improved workability. It can replace PCE (Polycarboxylate Ether) in your admixture formulation by up to 10% and offer you benefits such as reduction in cost and improved product performance.


Application Of This Copolymer

Vinplast 245 is utilized to provide high workability to cement, chemical admixtures or aggregate mix without adding extra water. It assists in improving retention of high workability without excessive retardation of set. The concrete admixture is suitable to use in high temperature & can be easily transported for long distances.


Advantages Of This Co-polymer

  1. Economical to conventional water reducing Agent.

  2. This concrete admixture provides good cohesive pump able mix at low W/C ratio & moderate cement Contents

  3. High strength concrete with normal workability but lower water content

  4. Imparts extreme fluidity to the concrete additives, which facilitates rapid placement of concrete.

  5. Helps in controlled & predictable retardation of setting with improved slump retention


Product Specifications:

Parameter Specification
Appearance Pale yellow to Brown Liquid
Total Solids% 45±2
Odor Characteristics Mild Odor
PH 6.5 to 7.5
Viscosity 800- 100cpc at 250C
Specific Gravity 1.20- 1.25

Dosage And Directions For Use:

∙ Normally dispensed at a rate of 0.3 -0.5 kg per 100 kg of cement

∙ It should be preferably added directly to water prior mixing to the wet aggregate


 240 kgs HDPE Drum or as per customer requirement.

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