MIXED HEXENE (C-6 Aliphatic Hydrocarbons)

General Information and Properties


Hexene is a colourless liquid that is volatile in nature and has a petroleum-like odour. It’s an alkene with a molecular formula C6H12. ‘Hex’ means 6 carbon atoms in the molecule and ‘ene’ meaning an alkene is present. It is a flammable liquid and has a boiling range of 60 to 80° C. Hexene is insoluble in water and very soluble in ethanol, benzene and petroleum ether. There are several isomers of Hexene.


    Physical and Chemical Properties:

    Sr. No.Physical Characteristics
    1.Colour & AppearanceColourless clear liquid
    2.Colour in APHA20 Hazen max.
    3.Distillation RangeIBP42°C min.
    FBP64°C max.
    2.Specific Gravity at 25°C0.660 + 0.005
    3.G.C. Composition
    Propylene1.0% max.
    Hexene (Propylene dimers)98.0% min.
    Toluene1.0% max.
    4.Distillation Range420C to 640C
    5.Flash Point (Close Cup method)4°C
    6.Octane No.97
    7.RVP10.3 psi

    Very soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene and petroleum ether

    How Is it Manufactured?

    Hexene is manufactured by the oligomerization of ethylene. The process combines ethylene molecules to produce linear alpha-olefins of various chain lengths with an even number of carbon atoms.


    Industry Applications

    NB: Colourless liquid, volatile in nature and containing mixtures of isomers of Hexane and Hexene.


    • Used as a Low boiling Point Solvent
      • As Thinners
      • For Solvent Extractions
      • In Tyre Retreading
      • As Octane Booster for Gasoline.
      • For Manufacturing C-5 / C-6 Aliphatic Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resins

    Available in Tanker Loads and Drum Packing.

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