General Information and Properties

CAS No: 98-73-7

98-73-7 4-tert-butylbenzoic acid

Molecular formula: C11H21NO

Para Tertiary Butyl Benzoic Acid

 Para Tertiary Butyl Benzoic Acid (PTBBA, CAS Number 98-73-7) is an organic compound with a chemical formula C11H14O2. It is a mono carboxylic acid available as a white crystalline powder which has an aromatic odour. Also known as PTBBA, para tertiary butyl benzoic acid and butylbenzoic acid.

Physical and Chemical Properties:


Chemical Name: 4-tert-Butylbenzoic acid
Form: Crystalline powder
Colour: White
Odour: Aromatic
Molecular Formula: C11H14O2
Molecular Weight: 178.231 g/mol
CAS Number: 98-73-7
EC Number: 202-696-3
Melting Point: 168.5 to 169.0 ° C
Flash Point: 180 ° C
pH: 3.9


Solubility: Insoluble in water, very soluble in alcohol and benzene

Synonyms: PTBBA, para tertiary butyl benzoic acid, butylbenzoic acid, 98-73-7, para tert butyl benzoic acid, 4 tert butylbenzoic acid.


How Is it Manufactured?

Para tertiary butyl benzoic acid is produced by oxidizing para-tert-butyltoluene with air.

Industry Applications

  • PTBBA is used as a stabilizer for alkyd resins.
  • It has antioxidant properties and acts as a UV stabilizer, therefore, has wide applications in sunscreens, shampoos and other cosmetic products.
  • Metal salts of PTBBA are used as PVC heat stabilizers. It is used as an antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor in cooling fluids and is useful as additives in lubricants, abrasives, paints and coating industries.
  • Para tertiary butyl benzoic acid is also a fixative for fragrances, dye stuff and many pharmaceutical ingredients.



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