3-Phenylpentane, (1-Ethylpropyl) Benzene, (3-PP)

3-Phenylpentane also known as pentan-3-yl benzene is a five-carbon chain with a phenyl group at the third carbon atom. It is an alkyl benzene ideal for perfumery. The molecular composition of phenylpentane is C11H16 and has a molecular weight of 148.24. It is important to know that this chemical is highly flammable and there are certain precautions one needs to take around 3phenylpentane. It is majorly used in the flavour and perfumery industry owing to its physical properties.


Physical and Chemical Properties of 3-Phenylpentane:

CAS number: Specification
Molecular Formula: C11H16
Molecular Weight: 148.24
Boiling point: 185.7 degrees C
Density: 0.86g/cm3
IUPAC Name: pentan-3-yl benzene

What You Need to Know About 3-Phenylpentane

If you are handling phenylpentane, there are a few things you must know. This compound can be easily ignited in the presence of sparks and flames. The vapours formed by this compound can be even more explosive. These vapours can travel to the source of ignition and then flashback. There are very high chances of this vapour being spared along the ground and getting collected in the lower areas such as sewers, tanks and basements as the vapour generated is heavier than the air. If you come in contact with 3-PP, here are the health precautions you must take if you come in direct contact with 1196-58-3.

This chemical is known to burn or irritate the skin and eyes of the person that comes in contact with it. The vapour formed from this chemical compound is toxic in nature and may cause suffocation and resulting in dizziness. If someone experiences a medical emergency while handling this product, immediately call for medical help. Following precautionary measures must be followed in case of an emergency:

– Stay at least 50 meters away from all directions

– If there is an unauthorised person in the vicinity, take them away immediately.

– Before you leave for the emergency room, make sure that all the closed places are well ventilated to ensure everything is okay after you leave.

– Wear protective clothing around this chemical at all times.

– Put on a positive pressure self-contamination breathing apparatus.

– It is advisable to wear complete protection overalls for best results as fire protection will only allow limited protection.

In case there happens to be a large spill of 3-phenylpentane, immediately vacate the area within 300 meters from all directions. If the spillage happens in a tanker, it is best to maintain a safe distance from the tanker.

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