Vinati Organics Ltd is the leading producer and supplier of 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulphonic acid (CAS No. 15214-89-8) in India. We are also a prominent dispersing agent manufacturer in the country.


ATBS/AMPS is supplied in a granule or powder form. Depending on the polymerization molecular weight sought and the performance characteristics desired, ATBS/AMPS is offered in 3 grades: 2401, 2404 and 2406.


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    An overview of AMPS Monomer:

    Acrylamide tertiary-butyl sulfonic acid (CAS 15214-89-8) is a very unique versatile vinyl compound that has a sulphonic group. Its uses are widely found in the production of polymers, textiles, flocculants, dispersants, scale control agents and well-additives.  

    AMPS monomer is a reactive, hydrophilic, sulphonic acid acrylic monomer used to alter the chemical properties of a large variety of anionic polymers. Acrylamide tertiary-butyl sulfonic acid is prepared by the reaction of acrylonitrile and isobutylene in the presence of sulfuric acid and water.


    The ATBS monomer allows the manufacturing of high-quality polymers for application in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. The AMPS monomer, manufactured by Vinati Organics Ltd, a dispersing agent manufacturer, is organic, high in productivity and performance, and available in both granules and liquid form.  For ease of handling, AMPS is also offers in a 50% sodium salt solution called NaAMPS.


    Chemical properties of 2-acrylamido-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid are:

    Molecular formula:C7H13NO4S
    Purity: >= 99.0%
    Acid number: 265-275 mgKOH/g
    Iron<=10 mg/kg
    CAS Number:15214-89-8

    Synonyms:  2-Acrylamido-2-Methyl Propane Sulfonic Acid, 2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropanesulfonic Acid, 2-Acrylamido-2-Methyl-1-Propane Sulfonic Acid and 2-Acryloylamino-2-Methylpropane-1-Sulfonic Acid, Acrylamide tertiary-butyl sulfonic acid. IUPAC name is 2-acrylamido-2-methyl  propane sulfonic acid


    Uses and Applications:

    • Water Treatment Chemicals

    Dispersants (Low Molecular Weight): AMPS co-polymers and terpolymers are used in Cooling towers and Boilers to inhibit Calcium, Magnesium and Silica scale.
    Flocculants (High Molecular Weight): AMPS co-polymers are used to precipitate solids in industrial and mining effluents.

    • Oilfield and Mining Chemicals

    Polymers containing 2-acrylamido 2-methylpropane sulfonic acid provide excellent high temperature stability, lubricity and friction reduction in drilling and cementing fluids.

    • Construction Chemicals

    AMPS based polymers improve dispersibility, lubricity and can be used as excellent flow control auxiliaries for building materials.

    • Textile Auxiliaries

    Textile Sizing agents, Thickeners, Dispersants and Non-Woven Emulsion Binders

    • Emulsions for Paints and Paper Coatings

    Polymers containing AMPS / ATBS improve scrub resistance, dispersant performance and reduce grit formation.

    • Adhesives

    ATBS based polymers improve tack and peal strength in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive formulations. It offers adhesive strength, thermal and mechanical properties with superior rheology.

    • Hydrogels and Super Absorbents

    AMPS based polymers impart water-absorbing capacity, electrical conductivity, slipperiness and lubricity. Hence, it is used in medical applications as well as diapers, lotions and other personal care products.

    • Acrylic Fibre

    Used as a co-monomer in acrylic fibre industries to enhance dye receptibility.

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