Methyl 4-Tert-Butylbenzoate

What Is The Functionalization Of Methyl 4-Tert-Butylbenzoate?

Posted on: July 29, 2022

Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate (CAS 26537-19-9) is a transparent, colourless liquid solution made by esterifying p-tert butyl benzoic acid, which is then employed as an essential ingredient in personal care products. The linear chemical formula for methyl 4-tert-butyl benzoate is (CH3)3CC6H4CO2CH3, and the chemical has a CAS number 26537-19-9 as its unique numerical identifier.

Methyl 4 tert butylbenzoate has a boiling point of 122-124 degrees Celsius/ 9 mmHg (lit.). A molecule of Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate has a mass of 192.25, which is also known as the molecular weight. At 25 degrees Celsius, the density of Methyl 4 tert butylbenzoate CAS 26537-19-9 is 0.995 g/ ml (lit.). Methyl 4 tert butylbenzoate has a refractive index of n20/D 1.51. (lit.).

Another way to make Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate is to oxidise a liquid phase solvent, such as acetic acid, or p-tert-butyl toluene in the presence of a catalyst at a high temperature. When mixed with ethanol, methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate generates a homogeneous mixture that is moderately soluble in water.

Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate CAS 26537-19-9 is widely utilised in the manufacture of tri (4-tert-butylphenyl) methyl chloride. Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate is commonly used as the main ingredient in sunscreen formulations. Methyl 4 tert butylbenzoate must undergo a certain type of condensation reaction with 4-methoxyacetophenone to produce the desired product, avobenzone, which is used in sunscreen.

The Functionality And Industry Application Of Methy 4 Tert Butyl Benzoate 

Avobenzone is found in sunscreens, hair care products, shampoos, and skincare products to help block UVA I and UVA II rays. Avobenzone is used in the manufacturing of PVC heat stabilisers and as a cutting oil additive. Because Methyl 4 tert butylbenzoate has a flashpoint of 270.5 degrees Fahrenheit (132.5 degrees Celsius), it can evaporate at low temperatures and form an ignitable combination in the air.

Because methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate poses a serious threat to water bodies and must be handled with extreme attention to avoid harming the environment, it is classified as WGK3 by the German Water Hazard Class metric.

Based on the storage class (LGK) metric, which is assigned to stored hazardous substances based on their hazard characteristics, Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate is assigned 10, which stands for combustible/flammable liquids if not flammable liquid materials (Flp should be below 55 degrees Celsius) and for flammable liquids if not flammable liquid materials (Flp should be below 55 degrees Celsius) (VbF Hazard class: A-III). The most common packaging method for methyl 4 tert butylbenzoate liquified solution is 25 g in a glass bottle.

Methyl 4 tert butylbenzoate is classified as GHS07 based on CLP’s descriptive regulation. GHS07 is an abbreviation for the “Exclamation mark” pictogram, which is a health hazard pictogram accompanied by the signal word “Warning” used to highlight hazardous products that might cause health consequences such as skin irritation, eye irritation, and respiratory irritation.

Methyl 4 tert butyl benzoate is designated as H302 + H312 + H332 in the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) Hazard Statements, which stands for dangerous if eaten, in contact with skin, or inhaled. Personal protective equipment, such as N95 dust masks, eyeshields, and gloves, should be worn for protection.

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