Potassium Bicarbonate: Properties and Uses You Should Know

Posted on: January 19, 2024

Potassium Bicarbonate: The Term  

Kalicinite mineral is the natural source of potassium bicarbonate, an inorganic salt of potassium, rarely occurring in nature. This salt can undergo artificial preparation in a laboratory using potassium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide reactions. Salt is applied in various fields like winemaking, food, and paint.  

Additionally, it is a dry fire extinguisher that actively prevents fire and depicts a slightly alkaline pH upon dissolving, proving its application in antacid manufacturing. Read ahead to learn more about its structure, properties, uses and unfold more about potassium bicarbonate.  

As a white salt, represented by the chemical formula KHCO3KHCO3, potassium bicarbonate is a good source of carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate as a populated aerated salt.  

Potassium bicarbonate is a weak carbonic acid salt and a strong base potassium hydroxide. Dissolving in water raises the pH a bit, making it an essential salt. It is highly employed in manufacturing drugs in pharmaceutical hubs. 



The chemical bonding comprises the negatively charged bicarbonate ion with the potassium ion. The bicarbonate ion holds resonance stability as oxygen’s negative charge uniformly disperses through the molecule, making it an inorganic ionic salt. 


Chemical and Physical Properties 

  • IUPAC name of potassium bicarbonate is potassium hydrogencarbonate 
  • Molecular formula of potassium bicarbonate is KHCO3 
  • Appearance – White Crystalline Powder 
  • Loss on drying of potassium is 1.0% max 
  • pH value of potassium bicarbonate is 8.6 max 
  • Alkalinity as KHCO3 is 99.0 to 101.5 % 
  • Potassium Content is 38.0 % min & KHCO3 Content is 99.0% min 
  • KCl is 0.03 % max 
  • K2SO4 is 0.08 % max 



  • Food and Beverage Industry 

The dough fermentation process extensively uses potassium bicarbonate as a leavening agent for making cakes, breads and various products. Additionally, due to its buffering solid action, it is utilized in wine processing as an additive to maintain a specific pH.  

  • Agricultural Industry 

It is also widely utilized in organic farming as it presents good antifungal properties against powdery mildew of fungal conidia.  

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry 

On dissolving in water, potassium bicarbonate generates instant effervescence of carbon dioxide and showcases its strong capability of controlling the pH of the solution. These properties make it a pharmaceutically beneficial ingredient with its attribute of mild basic pH in a dissolved state, highly recommended for making antacid medicine. 

  • In Fire Suppression 

Potassium bicarbonate serves as a highly efficient fire-extinguishing agent in specialized fire extinguishers, where it releases carbon dioxide upon exposure to heat. This CO2 displaces oxygen, effectively suppressing the fire. In this application, it is commonly called Purple-K. 

  • Treatment of Wastewater 

Potassium bicarbonate is employed in wastewater treatment facilities to regulate pH levels in discharge streams, thereby optimizing the effectiveness of diverse treatment procedures. 

  • Uses in Health Personal Care 

Its mild alkaline properties, which promote oral health, make it suitable for use in personal care items such as toothpaste and mouthwashes. 

The compound’s mild alkalinity and solubility in water contribute to its effectiveness in different applications. As with any chemical, it should be handled carefully, and its uses should adhere to safety guidelines and regulations. Potassium bicarbonate’s multifaceted nature highlights its significance in diverse fields, making it a valuable ingredient in industrial and everyday applications.  

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