CAS no: 89-72-5
Other names: 2-sec-Butylphenol, 2-(1-Methylpropyl) phenol, 2-sec-Butyl phenol, O-sec-Butylphenol, 2-(Butan-2-yl)phenol
Molecular Formular: C10H14O

    OSBP Specification

    Parameter Specification
    Appearance Colourless to yellow viscous liquid
    % Purity 99.0 min
    % Phenol 0.2 max
    % Water 0.1 max
    % Any Single impurity (GC) 0.1 Max


    Ortho Sec Butyl Phenol (OSBP) with CAS no 89-72-5 is a colourless to yellow viscous liquid known for its 99.0% purity minimum. It possesses a distinctive aromatic odour and finds diverse applications across industries due to its unique characteristics. The phenol compound boasts exceptional properties, making it a valuable ingredient in various industrial applications.

    Properties That Influence the Applications and Performance

    • Versatile building blog: Ortho Sec Butyl Phenol serves as a crucial raw material in the synthesis of nitro sec butyl-phenol (DNBP), which finds applications in agrochemicals and the polystyrene industry. It also plays a significant role as a perfumery intermediate, adding fragrance to various products.
    • Liquid Solvent Dyes: Ortho Sec Butyl Phenol is a critical component in the synthesis of liquid solvent dyes, widely used as fuel markers. Its properties contribute to the effective marking of fuels for various industrial applications.
    • Manufacture of Epoxy Resins: 2 Sec Butyl Phenol acts as a vital raw material in the production of epoxy resins, which are extensively used in coatings, adhesives, and electrical industries, enhancing the durability and performance of products.

    Applications In the Industry

    Ortho Sec Butyl Phenol with CAS no 89-72-5 finds a wide range of applications across diverse industries, showcasing its versatility and significance in the following areas:

    1. Agrochemicals: As a critical precursor for the synthesis of agrochemicals, ortho sec butyl phenol plays a vital role in pest control and crop protection. Its inclusion in agrochemical formulations ensures effective solutions for addressing agricultural challenges and promoting sustainable farming practices.
    2. Polystyrene Industry: Ortho Sec Butyl Phenol serves as a critical component in the stabilization of styrene monomer, a widely used intermediate in various consumer products. Polystyrene’s applications span packaging materials, consumer electronics, household items, and more, making OSBP an essential ingredient in the manufacturing process.
    3. Perfumery: The perfumery industry significantly from Ortho Sec Butyl Phenol’s aromatic properties. Acting as an essential intermediate, OSBP imparts distinctive and captivating fragrances to perfumes, colognes, and various personal care products, enhancing the olfactory experience for consumers.
    4. Liquid Solvent Dyes: OSBP’s involvement as a raw material in the synthesis of liquid solvent dyes proves invaluable in the automotive and oil industries. These dyes, known for their excellent solubility in various fuels, enable precise marking and identification, aiding in proper usage and fuel classification.
    5. Epoxy Resins: The importance of ortho sec butyl phenol extends to the production of epoxy resins, widely utilized in coatings and adhesives. Epoxy resins offer exceptional bonding strength and protection, making them indispensable for a range of applications, from industrial coatings to high-performance adhesives.

    Understanding the importance of stringent packing and abiding by specifications, OBSP is supplied in 50 kg drums or ISO tankers, with customizable packing options available to suit customers’ requirements.

    Ortho Sec Butyl Phenol offered by Vinati Organics emerges as a versatile butylphenol with diverse applications across Industries. Its unique properties and high purity make it an indispensable ingredient for numerous industrial processes, ensuring enhanced performance and durability in various end products.

    About Vinati Organics

    Vinati Organics, a renowned chemical manufacturer, takes pride in offering quality 2-Sec-Butylphenol with CAS no 89-72-5. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Vinati Organics has established a global reputation for providing superior chemical compounds to diverse industries. The rigorous testing and dedication to quality by Vinati Organics ensure the delivery of top-notch products tailored to meet specific industrial needs. With Vinati Organics as your partner, experience excellence and reliability in the chemical landscape.

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