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    General Information and Properties

    CAS No: 98-54-4

    4 tert butylphenol  / p tert butylphenol / PTBP Chemical / para tert butyl phenol

    Molecular Formula: C10H14O

    An overview of the Para-tertiary Butyl Phenol

     Para tertiary butyl phenol or PTBP is an organic aromatic compound. Precisely it is a substituted phenol. The chemical formula of this compound is C10H14O and its CAS registry number is 98-54-4. The International Union of Pure and applied chemistry or IUPAC name of this compound is 4-tert-butyl phenol. Also known as p-tert-Butylphenol or p-t-butyl phenol

     Properties of 4-tert butyl phenol


    Appearance:White crystalline solid
    Odour:Distinct Phenolic odour
    Chemical formula:C10H14O
    Molar mass:150.221 g·mol−1
    Density:0.908 g/cm3 (20 °C)
    Melting point:   100 °C (212 °F; 373 K)
    Boiling point:237 °C (459 °F; 510 K)
    Solubility in water: 0.6 g/L (20 °C


    The manufacturing process of PTBP chemical

    PTBP chemical is usually prepared by the reaction of phenols and isobutylene. It is prepared by incorporating a gaseous of isomer butenes into phenols in the presence of an acid-activated clay as a catalyst. In the process of manufacturing 4-tert, butyl phenols from isobutene and phenols there involve a reaction of the liquid form of phenol with an acid-activated catalyst. Another commonly used method of preparation of PTBP chemicals is by using phenol and tert-butanol in water.

    Industry Uses and Applications of PTBP

    • The major application of PTPB is the production of epoxy, polycarbonate resins and curing agents. The chemical is also used in the production of phenolic resins.
    • Another application of this compound is in the production of para-tertiary butyl phenol-formaldehyde resin. 4-tertiary butyl phenol is monofunctional and hence in polymer science terms, PTBP chemical is a chain stopper sometimes also called end capper.
    • The PTBP chemical has an OH group and hence, it may be reacted with epichlorohydrin and caustic soda to produce the glycidyl ether which can be used in epoxy resin chemistry. PTBP chemical has also found its use as a plasticizer.
    • Para-tert butyl phenol is often used as an intermediate in the production of perfumery ingredients PTBCHA ( para-tert-Butyl Cyclohexyl Acetate) and PTBCH.
    • Para-tert butyl phenol is used as a raw material in the making of printing ink resins, coating resins, wood laminate resins, wire enamels, adhesives and insulating varnishes.
    • It is also used as a molecular weight modifier in the manufacture of polycarbonates.
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