Vintreat-PAI (Sodium Polyacrylate Mixture) 

Vintreat -PAI Specification
AppearanceVisualColourless to pale yellow liquid
Total Solids%50 – 55
PHNumber7 to 7.5
Specific Gravity @ 25 °Cgm/cc1.18 TO 1.20


    Vintreat PAI is a versatile sodium polyacrylate base high solids dispersant, ideally preferred for its exceptional and unique dispersion properties. Supplied by Vinati Organics as Vintreat PAI, the sodium polyacrylate mainly finds its application in the paint industry as a dispersant for water-based paints. It ensures excellent dispersion and stabilization of pigments and fillers in low PVC as well as high PVC paints. Vintreat-PAI is available in 240kg HMHDPE drum, 1200 kg IBC and 25MT ISO Tank.

    Properties That Influence Applications and Performance

    • Dispersion: Vintreat PAI, the sodium polyacrylate-based dispersant, helps ensure uniform distribution of pigments and fillers. It also prevents accumulation and setting during storage and application. This property of the chemical enhances the paint by making it opaquer and glossier and strengthening the tinting ability.
    • Flow and Levelling: Vintreat PAI promotes flow and leveling features in water-based paints. This property helps achieve a smoother and more even surface finish.
    • Mill Viscosity: Incorporating Vintreat PAI, a polyacrylate dispersant, lowers the viscosity during the milling process. This property allows for higher concentrations of pigments and extenders, resulting in rich colors and superior coverage.
    • Compatibility: Compatible with a range of binders, additives, and pigments, Vintreat PAI ensures versatility in paint formulation and high-quality performance.

    Applications In the Industry

    • Paint Industry:
      Vintreat PAI, a polyacrylate dispersant, plays a critical role in the paint industry, particularly in formulating water-based paints. Working as an exceptional dispersing agent for paints, Vintreat-PAI effectively breaks down pigment and filler clusters, ensuring uniform colour and texture in the paint. This stability prevents pigment settling, maintaining paint quality over time. This polyacrylate dispersant also enhances paint performance by providing control over viscosity and flow behavior, ensuring consistent coverage and ease of application. This product can be used up to 0.3-0.4% in paint formulation offering effective dispersion of extender pigments.
    • Paper Chemical Industry:
      Vintreat PAI, a polyacrylate dispersant, is also used in the paper chemical industry. It enhances the production of high-quality paper by leveraging the exceptional properties that influence overall performance. The sodium polyacrylate dispersant is a retention and drainage aid during papermaking, improving material retention and reducing energy consumption by expediting water drainage. Vintreat PAI also strengthens paper products by bonding with cellulose fibers, making these products more durable for various applications, including packing. It also aids in pH control, ensuring optimal paper formation and fiber preservation.
    • Water Treatment:
      Sodium polyacrylate plays a multifaceted role in water treatment. It serves as an effective flocculant, aiding in the aggregation of fine particles and impurities, ensuring clean drinking water and efficient wastewater treatment. The polyacrylate dispersant also acts as a scale inhibitor, preventing the buildup of scale deposits in industrial water systems and enhancing equipment efficiency. Vintreat PAI, a polyacrylate dispersant, also prevents agglomeration of solids in pipelines, aiding filtration and acting as a corrosion inhibitor, forming protective films on metal surfaces. In wastewater treatment, it improves sludge dewatering, reducing disposal volume. It assists in pH adjustment, ensuring effective treatment of diverse water sources.

    About Vinati Organics

    Vinati Organics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sodium polyacrylate, also known as Vintreat PAI, offering premium quality products that meet stringent industrial standards. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, Vinati Organics continues to deliver high-performance solutions that cater to diverse industrial needs.

    Dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we at Vinati Organics aim to incorporate effective and result-oriented solutions for better results. With continuous efforts to provide cutting-edge products and contribute to various industries, Vinati Organics is now established as a preferred choice for sourcing sodium polyacrylate. With the versatility of sodium polyacrylate and the expertise of Vinati organics, the possibilities for innovative solutions and applications are boundless.

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