VINTREAT POLYMERS (Additive For Leather Tanning Agent)

Vintreat-CAP and SAP are additives in synthetic tanning agents or syntans. It can be used up to 30% as an additive in syntan (or wet-end retanning agents) without affecting its quality. It can replace kaolin powder, protein fillers, sulphates and other auxiliary intermediates. If your company manufactures leather tanning agents, it can bring you benefits such as lower cost of production.


  • Vintreat Polymers are specially designed for leather chemical market and are used during the wet-end retanning process
  • They are sulphonated, synthetic, water soluble polymers
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective. Vintreat Polymers will reduce final syntan cost without much affecting leather properties
  • Will lower your production costs substantially


  • Vintreat polymers are available in 20 kg HDPE-lined bags
  • It is loaded on pallets of length 114 cm and width 114 cm height 114 cm
  • Total weight per pallet: 340 kg
  • The full container load is 8 MT for 20 ft container

Please get in touch with us to for pricing information or ask for a sample. You will get a better idea of how useful Vintreat CAP & SAP are in syntans if you try it. We supply these products in domestic as well as international markets.