C10 Aromatic Solvent, also known as Aromatic 150, is a clear colourless liquid with a mildly aromatic odour. It’s a flammable liquid with a boiling point between 181-205° C. C10 Aromatic Solvent AKA Aromatic 150 is a member of the petroleum hydrocarbon family and is predominantly made up of c9-c11 aromatic hydrocarbons. It is also frequently called Solvent Naphtha or Type II Heavy Aromatic Solvent. It is stored in mild steel drums and they should be stored in a cool, dry and properly ventilated area free from any risk of ignition.


     Physical and Chemical Properties:

    Chemical Name Aromatic 150
    Form Liquid
    Colour Colourless
    Odour Mildly aromatic
    Appearance Bright and Clear
    CAS Number 64742-94-5
    Boiling Point 181-205° C
    Density 0.89 – 0.905 g/cm3
    Specific Gravity 0.855
    Flash Point 55° C (CC)
    Flammability Flammable

    Synonyms: Solvent Naphtha (petroleum), High Flash Aromatic Naphtha, Naphtha hydrocarbons, C10 Aromatics, Type II Heavy Aromatic Solvent.


    How is it manufactured?

    C10 Aromatic Solvent or Aromatic 150 is produced from the distillation of aromatic streams, derived from crude oil. This aromatic compound is harmful to humans, therefore, the process, manufacturing apparatus, transfer and storage of these chemicals are continuous and enclosed. Vinati Organics produces C10 aromatic solvent of the highest quality and purity.


    Industry Applications

    • C10 aromatic solvent is predominantly used in the paints and coatings industry, agrochemical sector and printing inks. C10 has a higher flash point and evaporation rate than that of Xylene, therefore, it imparts better flow and film formation which is extremely beneficial for paints and coatings.
    • The agricultural industry actively looks for products that are environmentally friendly. As C10 aromatic solvent has no ethyl-benzene content, it is very useful in pesticide and other agricultural formulations.
    • This aromatic solvent is useful in process additive fluids like synthetic resins, oil-modified alkyds and chloro-rubber formulations. It is also useful in foundries and oilfields.



    Vinati Organics is one of the largest manufacturers of C10 aromatic solvent or Aromatic 150. For more than 3 decades, we have been producing speciality chemicals and organic intermediaries for our clients the world over. We believe in creating C10 (Aromatic 150) of the highest quality and purity to give the most authentic results. Because of our dedication and commitment, we have clients in 35 countries across the US, Europe and Asia. We produce these chemicals with green practices to keep the impact on climate minimum and our manufacturing practices are environmentally friendly.

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