Understanding Butylphenol: Properties, Uses and Production

Understanding Butylphenol: Properties, Uses and Production

Posted on: March 9, 2023

2-tert butyl phenol also known as ortho tertiary butyl phenol, refers to a colourless organic compound with the formula (CH3)3CC6H4OH. It dissolves in water and can be prepared by acid-catalysed alkylation of phenol with isobutene.


Ortho-tert butyl phenol is a chemical compound with a clear colourless and pale-yellow appearance. It is a vicious liquid with a density of 0.982 at room temperature.

The CAS number is 88-18-6. The molecular weight and formula are 150.22 and C10H140 respectively. The boiling point is 224 degrees Celsius while the melting point is –7 degrees Celsius. This chemical is insoluble in water but miscible in Isopentane, Toluene and Ethyl Alcohol. In addition, it is reacting with 10% NaOH.


The most common use of ortho tert butyl phenol is in chemical intermediates, flavour and fragrances. Moreover, it is also used as a critical component in products like flame retardants, fuels, antioxidants and plastics. Ortho-tertiary butyl phenol is utilized as an intermediate in perfumery ingredients and ortho 2- tertiary butyl cyclo hexyl acetate. Cis 2-tert-butylcyclohexanol is manufactured by hydrogenating ortho-tertiary butyl phenol in the presence of catalysts.

Agriculture and consumer goods industries use this chemical as a raw material in the production of insecticides and other agro-products. Ortho tert butyl phenol is the raw material for the synthesis of various antioxidants and agrochemicals.


For obtaining 2 tert butylphenol, phenol is first reacted with isobutene in the presence of sulfonated polystyrene-Poly divinylbenzene ion exchange resin. The reaction of phenols with isobutylene at a specific molar ratio at 95 degrees Celsius results in a product mixture. OTBP compound is tabletted with 10% graphite and then preconditioned by exposing it to 650 degrees Celsius in an airstream. Based on phenol conversion, the selectivity for CAS 88-18-6 can be 88%.


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