The Comprehensive Guide to Plastic Antioxidants In 2024

Posted on: March 22, 2024

Though plastic products are durable and flexible, they degrade easily when exposed to environmental factors like oxygen, UV light and high temperatures. Plastic antioxidants are used during the manufacturing process to prevent degradation.


They are additives used in plastic products to prevent degradation that can cause changes in color, mechanical strength and flexibility. By enhancing the durability and performance of plastic products, they extend their service life and reduce the need for frequent replacements.


There are two types of additives used in plastic products.

  1. PRIMARY PLASTIC ANTIOXIDATIONS: Primary antioxidants are sterically hindered phenols used to protect finished products. They work by scavenging peroxy radical intermediates during the oxidation process. Veenox 1010 and Veenox 1076, Veenox 1098 are examples of Vinati Organics primary phenolic antioxidants.

  1. SECONDARY PLASTIC ANTIOXIDANTS: Secondary plastic antioxidants are used to stabilize plastics during the processing stage. They work by decomposing hydroperoxides thereby preventing the formation of hydroxyl and alkoxyl radicals. Veenox 168 is an example of secondary plastic antioxidants.

  1. VEENOX L135: Veenox L135 is a high molecular weight non-staining liquid phenolic antioxidant used to stabilize certain types of plastics and prevent formation of peroxides in polyols.

  1. PLASTIC ANTIOXIDANT BLENDS: Antioxidant blends are combination of multiple antioxidants. They are generally used to improve the performance and durability of plastics. For instance, Veenox B215 and Veenox B225 can be combined to provide protection and stability to various plastic products.


Phenolic antioxidants protect plastics from degradation by neutralizing free radicals and decomposing peroxides. In addition, they also form a protective layer over the surface of the polymer, which acts as a buffer against environmental factors that can cause oxidation. This multi-faceted approach ensures optimal protection while improving the lifespan of the polymer, 


There are many advantages of using plastic antioxidants. They improve the durability and longevity of plastic products, reduce the risk of fires and improve the safety of end products. Moreover, they can also improve the processing of plastic, making it easier for manufacturers to create high-quality end products.


Plastics are used in diverse industries. They have uses in the packaging, automotive, consumer goods and construction industry. These industries use plastic antioxidants to prevent oxidation and improve the quality of their plastic products and parts. Recently, plastic antioxidants have also found use in the medical field where they are being increasingly used in nanoparticle polymers.

As the plastic industry continues to evolve, plastic antioxidants will play a pivotal role in protecting plastic from degradation. These unsung heroes neutralize free radicals, hinder oxidation chain reactions, and act as a barrier against the elements, ensuring that plastic products maintain their performance, appearance and value even in the most challenging environments.

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